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A Beam object connects two Attachments by drawing a texture between them.

Setting up a Beam

To display, beams must be a descendant of the Workspace with their Beam/Attachment0 and Beam/Attachment1 properties set to Attachments also descending from the Workspace.

The beam’s appearance can be customised using the range of properties available.

Beam Curvature

Beams are configured to use a cubic Bézier curve. This means they are not constrained to straight lines, and the curve of the beam can be modified by changing Beam/CurveSize0, Beam/CurveSize1 and the orientation of the beam’s Attachments.

Cubic Bézier curves are formed of four control points. They are determined as follows:

  • P0: The start of the beam, the position of Beam/Attachment0
  • P1: Beam/CurveSize0 studs away from Beam/Attachment0, in Beam/Attachment0's positive X direction.
  • P2: Beam/CurveSize1 studs away from Beam/Attachment1, in Beam/Attachment1's negative X direction.
  • P3: The end of the beam, the position of Beam/Attachment1

The beam starts at P0, goes towards P1, and arrives at P3, from the direction of P2. The beam will not necessarily pass through P1 and P2.

See the image below for a visual demonstration.

Beam Curve


Name Type Description

Determines where the Beam starts.


Determines where the Beam ends.


Determines the color of the Beam across its segments.


Determines, along with Beam/Attachment0 the position of the first control point in the Beam's Bézier curve.


Determines, along with Beam/Attachment1 the position of the second control point in the Beam's Bézier curve.


Sets whether the Beam is visible or not.


When true, the segments of the Beam will always face the camera.


Determines to what degree the colors of the Beam are blended with the colors behind it.


Determines the degree to which the Beam is influenced by the environment’s lighting.


Sets how many quads the Beam has.


The texture to display on the Beam.


Sets the length of the Beams texture if Beam/TextureMode is ‘Wrap’ or ‘Static’. If Beam/TextureMode is ‘Stretch’ then it determines the size of the texture relative to the Beam|Beam's length.




Sets the speed the Beam/Texture moves along the Beam.


Determines the transparency of the Beam across its segments.


The width in studs of the Beam at its base.


The width in studs of the Beam at its end.


The distance, in studs, the Beams display is offset by relative to the Workspace/CurrentCamera.

Inherited from Instance

Archivable ClassName DataCost Name Parent RobloxLocked