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The BloomEffect creates the effect of a camera viewing very bright light. It causes brighter colors to glow, similar to applying the Neon BasePart/Material|Material to everything, including the the Sky. Multiple BloomEffect objects can be used at the same time; doing so can further strengthen the result. Like other post-processing effects, objects of this type will only work while PostEffect/Enabled|Enabled and when parented to Lighting or the Workspace/CurrentCamera.

The render behavior may also change or disable completely depending on the RenderSettings/EditQualityLevel|EditQualityLevel (in Studio) or the RenderSettings/QualityLevel|QualityLevel. If you don’t see BloomEffect rendering, check Roblox’s settings. If set to Automatic, Roblox may choose a lower quality level which isn’t high enough to render BloomEffect. You can override this manually: In Studio, at Level07 and below, BloomEffect does not render at all. At Level08 through Level11 a simple algorithm is used, and at Level12 and above the default behavior is used.