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BlurEffect will apply a Gaussian blur to the image of the world rendered by Roblox. The strength of the blur is controlled by the BlurEffect/Size. Only one BlurEffect can be applied at once — the BlurEffect with the greatest Size takes priority. Like other PostEffect|post-processing effects, objects of this kind will only work when PostEffect/Enabled|Enabled and parented to the Lighting or Workspace/CurrentCamera|Workspace.CurrentCamera.

Note: on some low-end devices, BlurEffect may not render for performance. Keep this in mind when using this effect for mobile games.


BlurEffect/Size|Size = 0 (or no BlurEffect at all):
No change
BlurEffect/Size|Size = 10:
BlurEffect with Size = 10
BlurEffect/Size|Size = 50:
BlurEffect applie with Size = 50