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ColorCorrectionEffect is a post-processing effect that can be used to adjust several color-related properties at once: ColorCorrectionEffect/Saturation|Saturation, ColorCorrectionEffect/TintColor|TintColor, ColorCorrectionEffect/Brightness|Brightness and ColorCorrectionEffect/Contrast|Contrast. It is useful for fine-tuning the visual aesthetic of a world, or communicating status effects to the player such as flashing the world red upon taking damage, or going grayscale on character death. Like all PostEffect objects, objects of this kind should be parented to either the Lighting or the Workspace/CurrentCamera to work.

Multiple ColorCorrectionEffects can be applied at once, and they will compose their effects together. For example, if you use one with a yellow ColorCorrectionEffect/TintColor|TintColor and another with a blue tint, you will see green. Using more than one object can further strengthen the effects.


No ColorCorrectionEffect (original):
No change
Increased Saturation (ColorCorrectionEffect/Saturation|Saturation = 1):
Increased saturation
No Saturation (ColorCorrectionEffect/Saturation|Saturation = -1):
No saturation
Sepia (No saturation plus ColorCorrectionEffect/TintColor|TintColor):
Sepia effect


Name Type Description

Determines by how much the brightness of pixel colors will be shifted


Determines the change in separation between the dark and light colors


Determines the change in intensity of colors


Determines by how much the RGB channels of pixels are scaled

Inherited from Instance , PostEffect

Archivable ClassName DataCost Name Parent RobloxLocked Enabled