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The DataStoreService exposes methods for getting GlobalDataStore and OrderedDataStore objects through the methods DataStoreService/GetGlobalDataStore, DataStoreService/GetDataStore and DataStoreService/GetOrderedDataStore. Data stores can only be accessed by game servers, so you can only use DataStoreService within a Script or a ModuleScript that is used by a Script.

Like with all game services, you can use DataModel/GetService to access it:

local DataStoreService = game:GetService("DataStoreService")

Data Stores within Studio

DataStoreService cannot be used in studio if a game is not configured to allow studio access to API services. This option can be found under a game’s configuration on the Roblox website. Note that this is a game setting, not a place setting. In addition, if you are not editing a place through the Roblox website (e.g. a local rbxl file), you will need to call game:SetPlaceId(placeIdHere) in the Command bar before an in-studio game can access a game’s data store.

Request Limits

All data store requests are under request limits. This service also allows a game to query the budget of data store requests available on a per-method basis through the DataStoreService/GetRequestBudgetForRequestType method. See the code samples for a script that displays the present budget for all data store methods. Each place in a game is budgeted the following number of requests per minute:

Request type Methods Requests Allowed (per minute)
Gets `GetAsync` 60 + numPlayers * 10
Sets SetAsync, IncrementAsync, UpdateAsync, RemoveAsync 60 + numPlayers * 10
GetSorted (per page) GetSortedAsync 5 + numPlayers * 2
OnUpdate OnUpdate 30 + numPlayers * 5

In addition to the above request limits, there is also a 6 second write delay on the same key (this applies to calls on the same key with GlobalDataStore/SetAsync, GlobalDataStore/IncrementAsync, GlobalDataStore/UpdateAsync, and GlobalDataStore/RemoveAsync). Finally, individual keys on data stores can be throttled if many servers for the same game are trying to write to the same key. Should a key be throttled, you will see the message: "Request was throttled. Try sending fewer requests. Key = ".


Name Type Description

Sets whether DataStore functions will automatically retry or not.

Inherited from Instance

Archivable ClassName DataCost Name Parent RobloxLocked


Name Type Description

Get a GlobalDataStore given a name and optional scope


Returns the default data store.


Get an OrderedDataStore given a name and optional scope


Returns the number of requests that can be made by the given request type.

Inherited from Instance

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