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An ImageLabel renders a rectangle, like a Frame does, with an image. The image must be a decal uploaded to the Roblox website. The display of the image can be manipulated through the ImageLabel/ImageColor3 and ImageLable/ImageTransparency properties. To display only the image and hide the rectangle, set GuiObject/BackgroundTransparency to 1.

The image is scaled to fit the entirety of the rectangle, but remember that images look best when displayed at their native resolution. Before uploading your image asset, you may want to apply alpha bleeding and take a few more steps when building UI for high-DPI devices (like phones).

Advanced ImageLabel usage

  • Spritesheets can be used with ImageLabel through the use of ImageLabel/ImageRectOffset and ImageLabel/ImageRectSize. Packing multiple images into one and using this property can make your game’s image assets load much quicker, especially if you use many small icons in your GUIs.
  • Nine-slice images can be created by setting ImageLabel/ScaleType to Enum.ScaleType.Slice, then ImageLabel/SliceCenter to the center area of the nine-slice image.
  • Tiled images can be created by setting ImageLabel/ScaleType to Enum.ScaleType.Tiled, then ImageLabel/TileSize to be the size of rendered tiles.


Name Type Description

The image content displayed by the UI element.


Determines how a rendered image will be colorized.


The offset in pixels of the sub-area of an image to be displayed


Determines the size in pixels of the sub-area of an image to be displayed.


Determines the transparency of the rendered image.


Indicates whether the Image has finished loading from the Roblox website.


Determines how an image will scale if displayed in a UI element whose size differs from the source image.


Determines the center of a nine-slice image.


Sets the tiling size of the ImageLabel.

Inherited from Instance , GuiBase , GuiBase2d , GuiObject , GuiLabel

Archivable ClassName DataCost Name Parent RobloxLocked AbsolutePosition AbsoluteRotation AbsoluteSize AutoLocalize RootLocalizationTable Active AnchorPoint BackgroundColor3 BackgroundTransparency BorderColor3 BorderSizePixel ClipsDescendants LayoutOrder NextSelectionDown NextSelectionLeft NextSelectionRight NextSelectionUp Position Rotation Selectable SelectionImageObject Size SizeConstraint Transparency Visible ZIndex