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A OrderedDataStore is essentially a GlobalDataStore with the exception that stored values must be positive integers and it exposes a method GetSortedPagesAsync. This method allows inspection of the entries in sorted order using a DataStorePages object. OrderedDataStores are useful for creating leaderboards wherein data must kept sorted.


Name Type Description

Returns a DataStorePages object. The length of each page is determined by pageSize, and the order is determined by isAscending. minValue and maxValue are optional parameters which will filter the result. See this article for a good explanation of using this. You can not use this too often, as there is a limit on the usage of this method.

If this function throws an error, the error message will describe the problem. A full list of DataStore errors can be seen here.


The maximum pagesize is 100.

See Also

Inherited from Instance , GlobalDataStore

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