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A PrismaticConstraint creates a rigid joint between two /Attachments. This joint allows the two Attachments to slide along one axis but does not allow any rotation. When a PrismaticConstraint is enabled, it constrains its Attachments so that the Attachments x-axes are collinear but pointing in opposite directions. It will also constrain the Attachments so their y-axes are parallel.

PrismaticConstraints can also be configured to actuate translation. If SlidingBallConstraint/ActuatorType is set to Enum/ActuatorType/Motor, then it will attempt to translate the attachments with the goal of reaching SlidingBallConstraint/Velocity. This translation is limited by both SlidingBallConstraint/MotorMaxAcceleration and SlidingBallConstraint/MotorMaxForce.

If ActuatorType is set to Enum/ActuatorType/Servo, then the PrismaticConstraint will attempt to translate its Attachments to a set separation specified by SlidingBallConstraint/TargetPosition. This translation is limited by both Attachment and Attachment.

Both actuated and free translation using a PrismaticConstraint can be limited by setting SlidingBallConstraint/LimitsEnabled to true.