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Remote Events are designed to provide a one-way message between the server and clients. This message can be directed from one client to the server, from the server to a particular client, or from the server to all clients.

This allows a Script to call code in a LocalScript and vice versa. This can be useful when building games with Experimental Mode turned off.

In order for both the server and clients to utilize RemoteEvents, the RemoteEvent object itself must be in a place where both can see it. It is recommended to store RemoteEvents in a folder inside of ReplicatedStorage, although in some cases it is appropriate to store events in the Workspace or in Tools.

If the result of the call is needed then use a RemoteFunction. Otherwise a RemoteEvent is recommended as it will minimize network traffic and latency. RemoteEvents don’t yield the script and wait for a response when they’re called.


  • Mind that there are some limitations.

  • Take a look at this article for excellent documentation on RemoteEvents and RemoteFunctions.


Name Type Description

Fires the RemoteEvent/OnClientEvent event for each client.


Fires RemoteEvent/OnClientEvent for the specified player.


Fires the RemoteEvent/OnServerEvent event on the server using the arguments specified with an additional player argument at the beginning.

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Name Type Description

Fires listening functions in LocalScript when either RemoteEvent/FireClient or RemoteEvent/FireAllClients is called from a Script.

Fires listening functions in Script when RemoteEvent/FireServer is called from a LocalScript.

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