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RemoteFunctions are used to create in-game APIs that both the client and the server can use to communicate with each other. Like BindableFunction, RemoteFunctions can be invoked [called] to do a certain action and return the results of this action.

This allows a Script to call code in a LocalScript and vice versa. This can be useful when building games with Experimental Mode turned off.

If the result is not needed then it is recommended to use a RemoteEvent instead, as its call is asynchronous and doesn’t need to wait for a response to continue execution.


  • Mind that there are some limitations.

  • Take a look at [this][3] article for excellent documentation on RemoteEvents and RemoteFunctions.


Name Type Description

Calls the method bound to the RemoteFunction by RemoteFunction/OnClientInvoke for the given Player. Use from a Script.


Calls the method bound to the RemoteFunction by RemoteFunction/OnServerInvoke. Use from a LocalScript. Returns what RemoteFunction/OnServerInvoke returns.

Inherited from Instance

ClearAllChildren Clone Destroy FindFirstAncestor FindFirstAncestorOfClass FindFirstAncestorWhichIsA FindFirstChild FindFirstChildOfClass FindFirstChildWhichIsA GetChildren GetDebugId GetDescendants GetFullName GetPropertyChangedSignal IsA IsAncestorOf IsDescendantOf WaitForChild


Name Type Description

Called when the client is invoked by RemoteFunction/InvokeClient.

Called when the server is invoked by RemoteFunction/InvokeServer.