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RenderingTest is an internal testing utility used by Roblox engineers to do performance/regression tests on the rendering pipeline. It is expected to be parented inside of the TestService, and will run LocalScripts parented inside of it when the TestService is ran via TestService/Run.

Selected RenderingTest

One of its more notable features is that, upon being selected in the Explorer, it draws an accurate wireframe of the Camera frustum, visualizing what a Camera would see in the RenderingTest’s configuration.

Recording Test Results

When a RenderingTest is executed by the TestService, the Workspace/CurrentCamera|CurrentCamera of the Workspace has its properties updated so it mirrors the Camera configuration of the RenderingTest.

The recorded data is then sent as JSON with an HTTP-POST request to: localhost:8001/api/v1/submit_test.

For the RenderingTest to pass in Roblox Studio, the request expects the response to be the string "passed". It will also acknowledge the strings "failed" or "golden" as a string response.


Name Type Description

The CFrame that the Camera will use when this RenderingTest is executed.


The maximum difference that this RenderingTest can have between the image it captures and the original image.


The comparison method that is expected to be used when this RenderingTest’s image capture is compared to its original image.


The maximum peak signal-to-noise ratio that this RenderingTest can have between the image it captures and the original image.


The FieldOfView that will be used by the Camera when running this RenderingTest.


The derived orientation of the RenderingTest’s CFrame.


The derived position of the RenderingTest’s CFrame.


The graphics quality that will be used by the rendering pipeline when running this RenderingTest.

Inherited from Instance

Archivable ClassName DataCost Name Parent RobloxLocked