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Sparkles is one of several particle-emitting classes. Like other particle emitters of its kind, Sparkles objects emit particles when parented to a BasePart (such as a Part) or an Attachment within such a BasePart. Compared to the ParticleEmitter class, Sparkles lacks many different customization properties and special methods, such as ParticleEmitter/Lifetime or ParticleEmitter/Emit. It is useful to create a quick special effect in a pinch; for more detailed work it is preferable to use a ParticleEmitter instead.

Sparkles emitting from a part

When Sparkles/Enabled is toggled off, particles emit by this object will continue to render until their lifetime expires. When a Sparkles object’s Instance/Parent is set to nil (and/or Instance/Destroyed), all particles will instantly disappear. If this effect is not desired, try hiding the parent object at a far away position, then removing the Sparkles after a few seconds using Debris to give the last particles a chance to expire. This object does not have a ParticleEmitter/Clear method, but it is possible to set the Instance/Parent to nil and back to the exact same object for the same effect.

Sparkles particles are only emit from the center of BasePart to which they are parented. Parenting a Sparkles object to an Attachment instead allows customization of the particles’ start position.