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StarterGear is a container that is automatically inserted into each Player when the player joins the game. If a game allows gear, all of a player’s appropriate gear will be inserted into StarterGear when the player joins the game. Whenever the Player's character spawns, all of the contents of that player’s StarterGear will get copied into the player’s Backpack.

Unlike StarterPack, StarterGear is not a service but a descendant of Player – this means that its contents are player-specific so that each player can have different Tools within their StarterGear.

StarterGear can be accessed from both the client and the server. For this reason some developers chose to use it as a form of a player-specific starter pack, granting different Players Tools when they spawn. Although it is possible to do this by parenting tools to a player’s StarterGear it is not the intended use of this object.

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

-- Accessing StarterGear from Server Script
local starterGear = Players:GetPlayerByUserId(userId):FindFirstChild("StarterGear")
-- Accessing StarterGear from LocalScript
local starterGear = Players.LocalPlayer:FindFirstChild("StarterGear")

Allowing gear

Whether or not gear can be permitted is determined in a place’s settings page under ‘Permissions’. On the permissions page gear can be disabled and enabled by genre and type. To disable gear, ensure all the gear types are not selected.

Individual gear can also be added to a game using the ‘Add to game’ feature in the Roblox catalog. This option can be found on the page of any gear that is on sale. When gear is added to a game in this manner it will appear under the ‘Store’ heading on the game’s page and the developer will receive a commission from purchases.


Before adding any gear to a game, developers should always consider the implication of doing so. Gear includes Scripts and allows the player to perform actions that the developer may not have considered. For example, a navigational gear may allow the player to access a part of the map the developer does not want to be accessed.