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SunRaysEffect is a post-processing effect which renders a halo of light around sun. The halo is shaped/blocked by world objects between the Workspace/CurrentCamera and the sun. It is helpful in simulating dust or fog in the air. Remember: subtlety is key. sun rays can become annoying to the eye if they are even slightly too strong. Like all PostEffect objects, objects of this kind should be parented to either the Lighting or the Workspace/CurrentCamera to work.

This object does not work on mobile devices for performance reasons. In Studio, the RenderSettings/EditQualityLevel|EditQualityLevel must be Level16 or higher in order for SunRaysEffect to render.


Pictured below is a SunRaysEffect in Crossroads. Notice how the tower blocks portions of the halo around the sun.
SunRaysEffect in the Crossroads place