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Note: SurfaceGuis must be descendants of PlayerGui in order to know the player who is interacting with it.Allows for the rendering of GUI elements onto a part’s surface in the 3D world, whilst allowing for basic user interaction to occur.


Name Type Description

Whether or not mouse events will be passed to objects layered below.


Sets the object that the SurfaceGui is adorned too. In other words, this defines which BasePart the SurfaceGui is attached to.


Determines whether the SurfaceGui will always be rendered on top of other objects.


The size of a ‘virtual screen’, in ‘virtual pixels’, which makes SurfaceGuis pixel-to-pixel compatible with ScreenGuis.


When set to true, portions of GuiObjects that fall outside of the SurfaceGui’s canvas borders will not be drawn.


The face that the SurfaceGui is rendered on.


Controls how much the SurfaceGui is influenced by the lighting in the game world.


Sets the distance left clicking starts acting on the surface gui instead of the held tool.


Offsets the SurfaceGui relative to the normal of the surface it is attached to.

Inherited from Instance , GuiBase , GuiBase2d , LayerCollector

Archivable ClassName DataCost Name Parent RobloxLocked AbsolutePosition AbsoluteRotation AbsoluteSize AutoLocalize RootLocalizationTable Enabled ResetOnSpawn ZIndexBehavior