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Describes the state of how a user’s input is currently interacting with your game.


Name Value Description

When an /InputObject starts to interact with the game. For example, a mouse button down, or a key down, or when a touch begins touching the screen.


When an /InputObjecthas already begun interacting with the game, and part of it’s state is changing. For example, a mouse position move, or a thumbstick moving, or when a touch begins to move across the screen.


When an /InputObject finishes interacting with the game. For example, a mouse button up, or a key up, or when a touch stops touching the screen.


A special circumstance state that indicates this input is now being used for some other function. For example, binding two actions to the same input will cause a function to fire with Cancel.


A state that should never be seen in a game, essentially just marks the end of the enum.